Traditional Bone Broth – Why is It Important Today


Broth, made from the bones of animals, has been consumed as a source of nourishment for humankind throughout the ages. Because of our fast paced lives and the decrease in home cooking broth is not made. Broth is a valuable food and a valuable medicine, much too valuable to be forgotten or discounted … [Read more...]

My Morning Ritual – MY Perfect Cup of Coffee!


Coffee is a much debated topic..good or bad? Coffee does contain large amounts of magnesium, Vitamin B1 and B3. It acts as a powerful antioxidant. This protects the cells from damage, and as we all know coffee does increase energy and alertness. The caffeine in coffee is not a drug, but a … [Read more...]

Chocolate Marshmallows


  I have always wanted to try chocolate marshmallows and this weekend I did and they came out awesome!! In a mixing bowl place 1/2 cup water. Layer on top  3 T non-hydrolysized Great Lakes Gelatin - (orange canister). Let sit for 10 minutes. In a saucepan combine 1/2 cup water, 2 cups … [Read more...]

Panna Cotta Recipe


This recipe is most definitely my guilty pleasure.  The heavy whipping cream makes the recipe dreamingly creamy and rich!   Print Panna Cotta Recipe Author: Linda DeFever Recipe type: Dessert   Ingredients ½ cup of raw milk 1 T of Great Lakes … [Read more...]

The Thyroid


Could thyroid be THE most important hormone in the body? According to Dr. Ray Peat PhD, it can help increase calorie burning, accelerate healing, initiate regeneration, keep sex hormones levels high, lower inflammation, improve digestion and create an overall feeling of happiness. The thyroid gland … [Read more...]

The Keys to Good Digestion and Weight Loss


Do you suffer from: 1. Burping, indigestion, pain or reflux? 2. Bloating or Gas? 3. Constipation or IBS? Why do you think you experience these symptoms? They do not just happen. They come from the very foods you eat. There are foods that are meant to be consumed by humans and then … [Read more...]

Fat Soluble Hormones – Some Basics

The Anti-Stress Hormone Hormones protect us.  They protect us from getting really sick and dying.  Here are some of the roles that hormones play: Protect from blood sugar dropping too low – without sugar in the blood we pass out and die from lack of fuel Keep calcium at normal levels … [Read more...]

How To Make Marshmallows

Orange Gelatin

Here is the recipe: 1/2 Cup Water 3 TBSP Non-Hydrolized Great Lakes Gelatin Put water in large bowl and sprinkle gelatin over it. Make sure the gelatin is spread over the entire surface of the water. Let sit for 30 minutes. 2 Cups Organic Pure Cane Sugar 1/2 Cup Water Cook the sugar and … [Read more...]

Wacky Cake – Gluten and Dairy Free

Recipe from Sue R. - Thanks 3/4 to 1 Cup Organic Sugar (or Stevia to taste) 1 TBSP. Vinegar 1 ½ Cup Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour 1 tsp. Vanilla 3 TBSP. Powdered Organic Cocoa 6 TBSP. Coconut Oil 1 tsp. Baking Soda 1 Cup Water ½ tsp. Salt Sift together in an un-greased 8X8X2 pan, … [Read more...]

Why Strength Training


  Resistance training is great for increasing strength, building stronger bones, increasing energy, improving overall function, and toning your body. Did you know that resistance training can increase your metabolism, the calories your body burns, up to 30% in the first six weeks. Generally, … [Read more...]