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Resistance training is great for increasing strength, building stronger bones, increasing energy, improving overall function, and toning your body. Did you know that resistance training can increase your metabolism, the calories your body burns, up to 30% in the first six weeks. Generally, you work your muscles against resistance, stopping just before your form deteriorates, you have a little rest, and then you do it again. The important thing to remember is that your training doesn’t drain you!

A gym membership is great, but if you are not able to get to a gym, much can be done with bodyweight and a Swiss ball at home. If resistance training is new to you, I would highly recommend an in-depth assessment and program that is appropriate for your fitness level; as well as program that will keep you injury free.

Start with whole body type exercises like squats, lunges, pushes and pulls, with bodyweight or light resistance for at least three weeks. It is good to start with strengthening the tendons and ligaments, then you can add additional weight to your exercises. As a general rule of thumb increase your weight between 3-5%. It is more important to maintain excellent posture throughout each exercise, than lift heavier weights. This will help prevent injuries. Avoid weight machines that you sit or lie on. Our bodies are not meant to exercise sitting down – they are meant to Squat, Bend, Lunge, Push, Pull and Twist.

Strength train two to three days a week with at least 1-2 days off between sessions. When you are going through your routine, you are breaking down the muscle tissue, so you are actually weaker at the end of the workout than you were when you started. You need at least two days for your body to rebuild the tissue stronger than it was before. Your strength improvements come at rest, not while you are working out. If you do the same exercise two days in a row you are simply breaking down your tissue and you will not get stronger.

After six to eight weeks, the exercises and exercise parameters need to change,  in order to continue progressing and to avoid boredom.  A well designed resistance program done in a circuit format can provide an excellent cardiovascular workout as well, so you do not need to spend extra time on the treadmill or exercise bike.

If you are injured or have chronic pain, you will need help with stability and motor control first. Visit the section: Rehabilitative Exercise on my website for more information.

Are you thinking of getting started with strength training or you have been training, please share your experiences with me. If you have any questions, I would love the chance to answer them for you.

Thank you for your thoughts, comments and questions.


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Linda DeFever, CPT

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