The Unresolved Issue of Heart Disease

“Many participants in the cholesterol-lowering cult believe that they have succeeded in hijacking our  science culture, but when the patients on another generation of their drugs have expired the cult could begin to fade away.”  ~ Ray Peat, PhD




Americans have been told by doctors, the pharmaceutical companies and even the media that cholesterol is bad. We have been brainwashed to think cholesterol clogs our arteries, causing heart disease and eventually heart attacks. But cholesterol is NOT the cause!

How do our arteries become clogged? There has to be an injury that causes scaring on the artery wall, or nothing will stick. There is no scientific proof that cholesterol damages our arteries walls. There is no evidence that glucose or saturated fats cause damage, either.

There is evidence that lipid peroxidation from polyunsaturated fatty acids can damage artery walls. Once  an artery is damaged plaque from excess calcium, fatty acids and oxidized cholesterol can occur. Polyunsaturated fats appear in small amounts in plaque, because they oxidize and disappear quickly.

If you were to look at the work done by Dr. Broda Barnes, MD, PhD, he used thyroid extract to lower risk of heart attacks by 94%. Today the research done by Ray Peat, PhD, states that energy production under the influence of the thyroid plays a major role in heart disease. As our TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) rises, you will find the cholesterol numbers go up as well. The cause of heart disease is still unresolved, but one thing for sure cholesterol is not the cause.

I would like to hear any comments and thoughts on this topic. I welcome all viewpoints…so please feel free to share.

Be Healthy for a Lifetime,

Linda DeFever, CPT


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