The Unresolved Issue of Heart Disease…Part II



In Part I, I stated that cholesterol was not the cause of heart disease. In this blog I will address some facts you may not know about cholesterol and its importance to the human body.

1. The body makes 80% of the cholesterol circulating in the blood. It is made in the liver. Only 20% comes from the food you consume.

2. Cholesterol helps your body deal with stress. The more stress you have (whether internal or external) the more cholesterol your body will make.

3. Cholesterol is the precursor for all sex hormones – testosterone, estrogen, pregnenolone and progesterone. We make these hormones from cholesterol.  As we age, the level of sex hormones drop because of the drop in the levels of cholesterol. If you are on statins to lower your cholesterol levels even lower, you may experience an increase in menopausal symptoms and sexual problems. I want to mention and ironic fact…..the same company produces Lipitor to lower cholesterol and Viagra for ED.

4. We have been led to think that LDL is bad. Circulating LDL (low density lipoprotein) is converted to Vitamin D in the skin when exposed to the sun. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium for strong bones and teeth. Again you have to wonder why everyone is low in Vitamin D. When you take statins you can expect your Vitamin D levels to drop, causing weaker teeth and bones.

5. All the anti-inflammatory hormones are made from cholesterol. They include pregnenolone, progesterone, DHEA and cortisol. These hormones are important to our health and help our bodies heal, regenerate and manage blood sugar, sodium  and stress.

6. Another hormone that is made from cholesterol is aldosterone. This hormone increases blood volume, which in turn increases the delivery of all nutrients and oxygen to our cells.

7. Bile is made in the liver, and it too is made from cholesterol. Bile is stored in the gallbladder and is secreted into the intestines to help break down fats. Bile has a sudsy effect that helps keep your intestines clean.

8. Cholesterol stabilizes the mitochondria of the cells This is where energy and hormones are made. This kind of stabilizing effect protects cells from stress, allowing them to produce optimal levels of energy.

9. If your body is stressed from toxic substances, from the environment, make-up or the foods you eat, cholesterol will rise and protect your cells from these damaging toxic substances.

Now you can see why cholesterol cannot cause heart disease. Our body was not designed to produce substances that can kill us. On the contrary our body produces substances the protect us. Cholesterol is truly one of those substances.

If you have additional benefits of cholesterol that I have not mentioned I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

All thoughts and comments are appreciated.

Be Healthy for a Lifetime,

Linda DeFever, CPT




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