Rehabilitative Exercise


The greatest evil is physical pain.  ~ Saint Augustine


Rehabilitative Exercise through Meaningful Movement

This is a holistic approach to a healthy pain free way of life. Utilizing a multi-faceted approach; a customized program is designed to meet an individual’s goals, lifestyle and needs.

Whether the goal is to recover from an injury, maintain pain-free movement, boost performance or improve health and appearance, Linda will work with a client to achieve the fullest possible function, performance and aesthetics.

Everyone benefits from Rehabilitative Exercise. Whether a person does a sport, works in an office or in the home, everyone has muscle tightness, limited range of motion or performance issues that need addressing. No one should settle for poor performance, chronic tightness or pain. The benefits of an individualized Rehabilitative Exercise Program are immeasurable.


The First Step

A Functional Assessment:

Developing a Rehabilitative Exercise Program begins with a thorough physical assessment, a review of an individual’s health history and goals. The assessment includes:

• an overall postural analysis

• muscle length/tension measurements

• a flexibility evaluation, joint integrity testing

• spinal curve and spinal  movement evaluation

• a primal movement pattern assessment


The Second Step

The Program:

• The information gathered from the in-depth assessment comes together in a customized written program that addresses the body’s specific needs.

• Each program consists of carefully selected stretches, mobilizations and strength exercises based on qualitative and quantitative data found in the functional assessment. This program may be preformed with Linda DeFever at Vitality, Inc., or in your home or health club.


The Third Step

Program Progression:

The Rehabilitative Exercise Program trains the nervous system. Our nervous system has an incredible ability to adapt. Because of this, after performing the first program for 4-6 weeks, a re-evaluation is done so that exercises may be advanced, so that an individual’s ultimate goals are obtained.


When the goal is in sight, all your physical pain disappears, and your mental determination shall carry you the rest of the way.  ~ Trey Patty



It’s been a little less than a year since I decided to take a proactive part in the healing of years of pain caused by lumbar scoliosis.  I had no idea that improvement was even possible until I met Linda DeFever.  The scoliosis was causing severe hip and SI joint  pain, and nerve pain in my legs.

Not a particularly physical person for most of my life, it hasn’t been easy but Linda’s patience and knowledge has helped me eliminate 80-90% of the scoliosis-related pain.  In addition to strength training, I now have the tools I need through stretching exercises that give me relief when needed.  AND, an added plus, she introduced me to a supplement that has absolutely eliminated all the pain in my knees and elbows and it happened in less than a week!   – Nancy S. Wauconda, IL.