Nutritional Coaching


That anyone should need to write a book advising people how to “eat food” could be taken as a measure of our alienation and confusion. Or we can choose to see it in a more positive light and count ourselves fortunate indeed that there is once again food for us to eat.  ~ Michael Pollan


There has never been a period of time like this in our nation, that Americans are so concerned about diet and nutrition. In today’s high stress world what we eat is more important than ever. The food you eat can either support your body in stress or it can be another stress.

The Health for a Lifetime Family Nutrition and Weight Loss Program is based on the belief that food, as nature intended, provides the medicine we need to obtain and maintain a state of health: our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food.


Nutrition is one of the most important environmental influences on the nature of the organism.  ~ Ray Peat, PhD


Nutrition is everywhere. Do not rely on the Internet.

It is my goal to teach you what to eat, so food supports your stressful life.

My goal is to demystify the million-dollar question “What do I eat?”

The Health for a Lifetime program provides you with a strategy on what foods to eat whether your goal is to get healthy or lose weight. It is a program that works for one person or an entire family.

The program will help explain the importance of each food group and why they are important to the human body, why it’s so important to balance your blood sugar and how to do this. You will get meal plans and recipes. Your food journals will be reviewed to see if the foods you are eating are supporting your specific needs. Together we will integrate this program into your lifestyle.

We can meet in my private studio, if you are not local we can Skype or work by phone.

The Health for a Lifetime Program will be one of the best investments you can make for your health, wellness and vitality.


You are what you eat. What would YOU like to be?  ~ Julie Murphy


Linda has a vast understanding of both the physical body and the nutrition it takes to keep it maintained like a smooth-running machine.  I have worked with Linda for 2 years and have learned so much about my body and what to put in it.  She is very mindful of creating tailored exercise sessions based on an individual’s fitness level and goals.  Her nutrition counseling is excellent and creative. Because she is so caring and knowledgeable, I look forward to every session as I always learn something new!  – Andrea D. Island Lake, IL.