My Morning Ritual – MY Perfect Cup of Coffee!

Coffee is a much debated topic..good or bad? Coffee does contain large amounts of magnesium, Vitamin B1 and B3. It acts as a powerful antioxidant. This protects the cells from damage, and as we all know coffee does increase energy and alertness.

The caffeine in coffee is not a drug, but a nutrient. When consumed at mealtime, with milk or cream, it can help maintain blood sugar levels between meals and snacks.

Coffee on an empty stomach will increase metabolism, and therefore increase your need for glucose. This will cause low blood sugar and an increase in adrenaline, which will make you hyper and edgy.

Coffee can be acidic. Did you know you can add a pinch of baking soda to neutralize it?  You can also buffer the acidity by adding milk or cream and or drink with food.

Onward to my perfect cup…….




I sit every morning at my computer in my lovely studio in the heart of downtown Wauconda. I answer emails and check updates on Facebook, while sipping the most perfect cup of coffee – now what makes this cup so perfect has taken some time to perfect.  First it starts with the coffee. I have used one from Rogers Family Coffee now for over 5 years. I like the the 3-pound bag of Organic San Franscisco Rainforest. I am not a fan of strong coffees – this is fairly mild. I use 1 T per 8 oz of water – the water I use is Mountain Valley Spring, I have this water delivered to my home (and studio) in 2.5 gallon glass bottles.  While the coffee is brewing I add hot water in my Thermos mug and let sit for 10 minutes. Now the “putting” together of that perfect cup – empty the hot water – pour about 1/3 cup of coffee in your favorite mug. I add to this 1 T of coconut oil, now stir until coconut oil is blended. I then add (and this is based on how you take your coffee)  1/2 teaspoon of honey and 2 T raw heavy whipping cream or half and half – and stir until those ingredients are . Add the remainder of the brewed coffee. Enjoy!


Be Healthy for a Lifetime!


Linda DeFever, CPT

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  1. Sounds very similar to “bulletproof” coffee. I use coconut oil, MCT oil, and butter. Maybe some cream.
    Works best if it’s fully emulsified (stick blender). What an amazing rush of energy.

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